Full title Type of Cargo Classification 2012
Abbreviation LLL 2012
Full title in Estonian Lastiliikide liigitus 2012
International base classification Type of Cargo Classification 2012
Holder Statistics Estonia
Legal basis Directive 2009/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 May 2009 on statistical returns in respect of carriage of goods and passengers by sea.
Implementation date 12.04.2012
Amendment date According to the amendment of legal basis
Predecessor classification Type of Cargo Classification 2009
Structure 1. level: categories of type of cargo.
2. level: two-digit numeric codes of type of cargo.
Description Categories of type of cargo are consistent with United Nations ECE Recommendation No 21 ("Codes for types of cargo, packages and packaging materials").
Linked classifications  
Family Transport
Holder’s contact person Piret Pukk
Enterprise Statistics Department
Tel. +372 6259 293
Contact person in the Statistics Estonia Piret Pukk
Enterprise Statistics Departmentd
Tel. +372 6259 293