Full title Classification of administrative and settlement units of the Estonia
Abbreviation EHAK
Full title in Estonian Eesti haldus- ja asustusjaotuse klassifikaator
International base classification  
Holder Statistics Estonia
Legal basis Government of the Republic Regulation No. 303 of 20 September 2000 (RT I 2000, 75, 471; 2001, 36, 208; 2002, 41, 256)
Implementation date 1990
Amendment date Pursuant to legal acts
Predecessor classification  
Structure The identification code is unique, consisting of up to four digits
- County (code <100):
- city and rural municipality (code 100 to 999)
- settlements (code >1000)
Description Administrative units of Estonia’s territory are county (in Estonian “maakond”), rural municipality (“vald”) and city (“linn”). The territory of Estonia is divided into counties. The county is divided into cities and rural municipalities.
In addition, a rural municipality may be divided into rural municipality districts and city, into city districts.
A rural municipality is divided into settlements, which are village (“küla”), township (“alevik”), town (“alev”) and city without municipal status (“vallasisene linn”). A city may be divided into urban regions (“linna asum”).
The Classification of Administrative and Settlement Units of Estonia comprises of identification code , name (if available, parallel name) and classification characteristics.
Linked classifications Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS)
Family Geographic
Holder’s contact person Helju Nagelmann
Methodology Department
Tel.+372 6259 185
Contact person in the Statistic Office of Estonia Helju Nagelmann
Methodology Department
Tel.+372 6259 185