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ESA: transactions in financial iassets and liabilities (F), for Estonia 2010

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List of classifications
F.1   Monetary gold and SDRs
F.11   Monetary gold
F.12   SDRs
F.2   Currency and deposits
F.21   Currency
F.22   Transferable deposits
F.221   Inter-bank positions
F.229   Other transferable deposits
F.29   Other deposits
F.3   Debt securities
F.31   Short-term debt securities
F.32   Long-term debt securities
F.4   Loans
F.41   Short-term loans
F.42   Long-term loans
F.5   Equity and investment fund shares/units
F.51   Equity
F.511   Listed shares
F.512   Unlisted shares
F.519   Other equity
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